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Veteran GOP Senator Savages Romney’s Anti-Trump Speech

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Al D’Amato is one of the few establishment Republicans unwilling to unload on Donald Trump.

D’Amato, who served three terms as a New York senator until [crscore]Charles Schumer[/crscore] unseated him, tells the New York Post that Mitt Romney’s speech last week calling Trump a “fraud” and sure loser in November was an obvious ploy to resurrect his own political career.

“If you believe that Gov. Romney’s purpose in sabotaging Trump was to save the nation and the Republican Party, then you probably still believe in the tooth fairy,” he declared. “Romney would love to see a deadlocked Republican convention so that he could jump on his white horse and ride with his financial power brokers and become the nominee at the convention.”

D’Amato, now a lobbyist, also blasted the man who inspired Obamacare for not uttering “one word” about Hillary Clinton keeping her speeches to Goldman Sachs under wraps.

“That’s the real political scam. Clinton claims to be the person who is going to take on Wall Street,” he argued. “Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare what she says in private to her public remarks?”

“Instead of acting like a spoiled rich kid who would like to be anointed through the back door in a brokered convention, Romney should have courage and take on Democrats and the real campaign issues.”

D’Amato, known as “Senator Pothole” for his excellent constituent services, ousted the storied liberal Republican senator Jacob Javits in 1980, so his current salvos against the GOP elites are quite in character.

The Long Island native actually endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich for president last year. He now expects Trump to secure the nomination but says selecting Kasich for vice president would be “a powerful ticket.”