‘SNL’ Mocks Hillary’s Transformation Into Bernie [VIDEO]

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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“Saturday Night Live” ripped Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy of desperately attempting to sound more like Bernie Sanders in order to appeal to the millennial vote.

Kate McKinnon, who portrays Clinton on SNL said, “As millennials, your voice is important. You’re the ones who will decide this election because there are so many of you, so, so many. And luckily, I, Hillary Clinton, share all of your exact same beliefs. I always have. Since the beginning of my campaign, I have constantly said ‘We need a revolution in the streets. Millions of people coming together because America should be for everyone, not just an handful of millionaires and billionaires.'”

“I know you millennials. You’re fired up, you’re angry and I’m angry, too. Because the top 10 percent of the top one percent controls 90 percent of the wealth in this country,” McKinnon said, imitating Sanders’ voice more and more. “And I’ve always said that. Ever since I was a young boy growing up in Brooklyn.”

“And when it comes to that darn Wall Street, I’ve always believed ‘no bank can be too big to fail. No executives too’ — you know the rest,” McKinnon claimed.

“It’s that famous mobilizing sentence that works on you guys that I’ve been saying this whole time. So thank you, millennials, for lending your support to the biggest outsider Jew in the race — Hillary Rodham Clinton. There’s a lot of work to be done, and that is why I am sick and tired of hearing about my own damn e-mails.”

The campaign ad closes with Clinton’s new slogan: “Feel The Bern For Her.”


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