Trump Tussles With Chris Wallace Over Trump University Rating — ‘That Is Not Honest’ [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Donald Trump on Sunday accused Fox News of doing “something very dishonest” by not correcting their statement made during the GOP debate weeks ago about the Better Business Bureau’s rating of Trump University.

During a commercial break in the middle of Fox’s March 3 debate in Detroit, the New York businessman handed moderators a fax, which he claimed was sent from BBB, detailing Trump University’s corrected ratings following Megyn Kelly saying that “the rating from the BBB was a D-minus.” But the Better Business Bureau claimed it never faxed Trump the information during the debate.

Trump, when asked Sunday about a recent New York Times report regarding students’ claims about Trump University, told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, “I got an A rating from Better Business. I handed to Megyn Kelly, and they refused to put it on. That is not honest.”

Wallace: Now The New York Times reports that that man, Robert Guillo, says that he was pressured to give those report card grades the excellence by his instructor who said he’d be fired if he didn’t get them, and the Times talked to other students who say they came under a lot of pressure to give you good reports.

Trump: Oh really, and they did that with 10,000 people? Let me just tell you, this is a law firm. It’s a class-action firm. They sue a lot of people. They’re trying to get money — I don’t settle cases. I will go to court all day long with this case. Almost everybody in there has given report cards saying it was excellent. We have an A from the Better Business Bureau, and you didn’t report it on the show, in the debate. You did something very dishonest — you didn’t report it. You told me and you told the whole the world watching the debate that we had a D.

Wallace: Sir —

Trump: And we didn’t have a D, we had an A —

Wallace: You know as well as I do, I didn’t ask the question. And —

Trump: I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about Fox.

Wallace: Okay.

Trump: I gave you the report card. I gave you the A during the debate because they said it was a D and it was an A. And I gave you the A from Better Business Bureau —

Wallace: But don’t you think we have the responsibility to check it out, to find out what’s going on? And the fact is, it’s a little more complicated than that because Trump University has been out of business for several years so they’re not getting so many complaints.

Trump: It’s not out of business. It’s not out of business, It’s suspended until I win the lawsuit, and after I win the lawsuit, hopefully I’ll be in the White House, and, you know, my kids will open it up.

Wallace: But I promise if [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] gave us a piece of paper in the middle of the debate, we’re not going to simply start reading that.

Trump: Oh I think you would, I think you would. Actually, here’s the story — you said Better Business Bureau gave me a D. I said that’s wrong. I got — during an intermission, I called in, they sent the A rating. I got an A rating from Better Business. I handed to Megyn Kelly, and they refused to put it on. That is not honest.

Wallace: I think that’s just wanting to check the facts…


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