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Tweet of the Day: “In honor of Michelle Fields ESPN just ran a 30 for 30 on the Duke Lacrosse case. Amazing documentary.”Conservative commentator Ann Coulter. 



Not sure what the hell this means but…

“I used to take Twitter really seriously. Then I saw traffic numbers, realized it’s just me shouting into the void, and now I LOVE IT.” — Nellie Bowles, staff writer, Guardian.

BuzzFeed reporter gets around to watching Real Housewives of Potomac

“Finally started ‘real housewives of potomac’ and i have never seen women argue so passionately about things that don’t matter.” — BuzzFeed‘s Tracy Clayton.

Breitbart humor…

“Rumors that Breitbart News will be offering a premium upgrade where you get instant access to our Slack feed are false.” — Breitbart reporter Lee Stranahan.

Young male journo wants to hook up

“I love going to political events where people introduce me to their daughters. What a thrill.” — CJ Pearson, 13-year-old journalist for HuffPost and other outlets. His work has appeared in the opinion section of The Daily Caller.

Overheard in the Newsroom… “Is that a pen in your pocket?”

Question to ponder…

“Do you remember the good old days, when Breitbart was a serious news organization with integrity?” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.

Reporter complains about covering presidential race 

“I shouldn’t have to wash spit off of my clothes after covering a presidential campaign event…but that’s where we’re at now.” — WSJ“s Ben Kesling.

Random Shit In My Inbox: “Hi I was wondering if you knew, how much it cost to buy a Delegate to subvert the will of the people.”

Media thought machine 

“Comity and stability are ratings poison.” — Commentary‘s Noah Rothman.

Oversharing Sherri

“Just did the whip & nene w my nieces @AllThingsKCAs – got a thigh cramp on the bop bop part…Should’ve left that dance to the kids!” — Occasional host of ‘The View’ Sherri Shepherd.

The Observer

“If you support free speech, you must PAINFULLY support offensive cartoons, works of art, and political rhetoric, no matter how vile.” — WMAL’s Larry O’Connor.