One Simple Question Makes Pro-Choice Activists Visibly Uncomfortable

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Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Pro-choice activists picketing outside the U.S. Supreme Court recently were visibly uncomfortable when asked this simple question: At what point in a pregnancy should it be illegal for a woman to have an abortion?

“I don’t think it’s necessary to have that conversation,” one of the pro-choice activists told Dan Joseph with MRCTV, when asked the question. “It’s arbitrary to have that question.”

Another woman’s jaw dropped, and she replied several seconds later. “I don’t think that’s my question to answer,” she said. “I’m not pregnant.”

“I think, you know, nobody knows what it’s like to step in a woman’s shoes except her,” another pro-choice activist said after initially staring blankly at Joseph for several seconds.

Joseph questioned a number of the activists demonstrating outside the Supreme Court, which had just taken up a monumental abortion case that could re-shape the legislative landscape in favor of the pro-life movement. Once organizers of the demonstration caught on to Joseph’s questioning, they began instructing women not to answer his question and ushering them away.

“Okay I think we can finish,” a woman standing nearby an activist who was apparently stumped. “Thank you,” she added on behalf of the silent woman. “Thank you so much for your help.”

“She’s definitely smart enough not to talk to you,” another activist told Joseph on behalf of another woman caught inexplicably dumbfounded.

Others were not so shy. “I am a uterus sir!” One woman in costume happily explained as she punched her hands in the air. In terms legal time limits on abortion, she shrugged and said: “That’s not up to me, that’s up to medical professionals.”

“Medical professionals,” she repeated.

“Women for any reason under any circumstances have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy,” an older woman holding a sign that read “” told Joseph. “If you say that, you call it a baby and you give it rights, then essentially you’re saying that woman does not have rights.”

“Forced motherhood is female enslavement,” she added.

A younger woman Joseph questioned described pro-life women as “deluded.” “They’re marginalized, their oppressed, and they’re a shameful force,” she said.

“Without [abortion], you can’t live a full and happy life in this country,” a man demonstrating told Joseph.

Joseph’s question is poignant if only because it appeals to majority opinion on abortion. Only 12 percent of Americans in a January Marist poll said abortion should be available any time during pregnancy. More than 80 percent of the respondents said abortion should not be legal past the first trimester, for any reason.


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