Trump Adds ‘Massive’ Last-Minute Ohio Rally

REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

BOARDMAN, Ohio — Donald Trump added a last-minute campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio and postponed an event in Doral, Florida, showing that he wants to sew up Ohio, where he is neck and neck with the state’s GOP governor, John Kasich.

Polls show Trump leading Sen. Marco Rubio by double-digits in Florida.

Trump is expected to give remarks Monday evening at the Youngstown Airport.

“Mr. Trump will host a massive rally in Youngstown, Ohio,” his campaign said in a statement. “If we are successful on Election Day, we will do a celebration at Doral after the election.”

Trump’s last-minute scramble to schedule another Ohio event likely stems from predictions that if he fails to win both the Buckeye State and Florida on Tuesday in winner-take-all primaries, the July Republican convention could be contested.

Trump’s rallies have become known for attracting protesters who often disrupt him at different times during his remarks and are immediately chanted down by Trump supporters as Trump himself throws insults at the disrupters.

The campaign is clamping down on security since violence broke out at a campaign rally on Friday in Chicago and a protester rushed the stage toward Trump at an event in Dayton, Ohio the following day.

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