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Would-Be Convenience Store Attacker Brings Hatchet To Gunfight

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As you read the following item, imagine what the headline would’ve been if a law-abiding gun owner hadn’t been there.

KCPQ, Seattle:

A customer with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a masked man wielding a hatchet inside a convenience store Sunday morning, according to investigators…

The store clerk says the masked man entered the store and immediately started swinging a hatchet toward a customer — then he turned his sights on the clerk…

The clerk suffered minor injuries to his stomach, but before more damage could be done, the customer fired his pistol and hit the suspect.

Now that hatchet-wielding loon will be added to the statistics on gun deaths, with no regard for what would’ve happened if he hadn’t died by gun violence. To gun-grabbers, this guy’s death is indistinguishable from the deaths at Sandy Hook, or Charleston, or anywhere else. To them, an attempted murderer is just another victim.

You have the Second Amendment right to defend yourself. If you abuse that right, you and you alone are responsible for your actions. And if you lawfully exercise that right in order to save yourself and others from a violent maniac, you’re a hero.