Kasich Has Been More Focused On Golf, His Campaign Than What Trump Is Saying [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Tuesday he has not paid much attention to what Donald Trump has said until he watched a video Friday released by an anti-Trump super PAC.

Instead, he has been paying more attention to “who’s winning the golf tournament” and what he is going to say at the next campaign event, he said.

After voting for himself in Westerville, Ohio on Tuesday, he expressed the “deep concerns” about the “way this campaign has been run by some others — by one other in particular,” but he said that while he wasn’t going to say anything specific about Trump Tuesday. “I’ll let you know when i have something to say.”

The reporter followed up, asking if it was a “strategic decision” to not comment about Trump.

Kasich replied, “We don’t do a lot of strategic things about what I say. Have you noticed? I say what I want to say when I want to say it, OK? I don’t know. I’m building things up in my mind, I’m thinking.”

Another reporter asked why Kasich wasn’t “aware” of some of the things that Trump has said.

The Ohio governor replied, “I really wasn’t. I really wasn’t. … I’m not really paying that much attention to that. It took for me to see the Friday video, and then I actually, 48 hours ago asked Chris Schrimpf [his communications director], to give me a list of all the quotes, which I really had not seen before.”

The video from Our Principles PAC shows women quoting some of Trump’s comments about women.

“You know, things move fast in a presidential campaign. You don’t really focus on — I focus on what I’m going to be doing at my next event. I’m focused on who’s winning the golf tournament that I’m interested in, and that’s about it. I mean, I don’t really focus on what somebody else is doing in some other campaign. So it’s really the first time that my eyes were really opened, which meant I was probably like a normal voter, to be honest with you.”

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