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Tweet of the Day: “Glad to work for a company that doesn’t use its platform to publish petty smear pieces on people who don’t worship their chosen candidate.” — Dana Loesch, former reporter for Breitbart News. She now works for TheBlaze.


Confessional: bikini wax needed 

“I need a bikini wax but I feel like I should wait for my epidural because THAT IS GENIUS???” — model Chrissy Teigen, who is pregnant.


Speaking of bikinis, BuzzFeed‘s Ben Smith heads to Brazil 

“Going down to Sao Paulo next week looking for a news editor.” — Ben Smith.

Deep Thoughts With A Journalism Exec

“I find myself wondering weird things while I’m in LA like, can I drink this water and where would I get a milkshake in silver lake?” — Josh Topolsky, co-founder, The Verge, Vox Media.

Podwhore has a suggestion for Breitbart News

“Please just change the name of Breitbart. Call it anything else. Anything.” — Commentary‘s John Podhoretz.

Politico reporter urges everyone to annoy Speaker Ryan’s flack 

“Today is @BrendanBuck’s birthday. In honor of his birthday, please send him many emails about whether @SpeakerRyan will run for president!” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman.

No power at the Los Angeles Times

“Power is out at the Times building. Currently searching for working computers. We’re done, and I’m going home. No word on how long it’ll be until we have full power again. Hopefully it’s fixed before work tomorrow.” — Jason Clark, designer at LAT.

Journo upset that herpes is considered a hardship 

“ffs really? it’s offensive to say someone with herpes is ‘suffering’ now?” — Sara Morrison, freelancer (Guardian, etc…).

Geraldo prays for his feet to function 

“At JFK en route to #DancingWithTheStars Feet don’t fail me now. Thxx.” — FNC’s Geraldo Rivera.