Silicon Valley’s First Comic Con Is Here, And It’s Showcasing Crazy New Tech [VIDEO]

Katie Frates Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough
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The first Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) is right around the corner, and it’s featuring an exciting barrage of new content from the tech industry.

The March 18-20 geek extravaganza, hosted by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, features celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Stan Lee and William Shatner. A focal point of SVCC will be its App Alley — a section of the convention dedicated to up-and-coming apps YakSee, ArtRage, Doblet, CultureCon, HokuPop, Demimonde and MonsterBuild.

The Daily Caller was given a sneak peak at YakSee, an app planning on revolutionizing broadcasting. YakSee has a rather hefty promise as “a mobile broadcasting platform” that allows anyone to “do live broadcasts wherever they are, reaching an unlimited audience.” Debuting at SVCC, YakSee touts unprecedented fluidity and control for anyone interested in connecting and sharing with a vast audience.

“We are a self-funded startup with an amazing team working ‘literally’ out of our garages for five hard years,” YakSee Chairman and CEO Shah Talukder told TheDC.


The app allows users to create their own broadcasting station with audio, video, or both. The broadcaster can then add an unlimited amount of people from around the world to participate.

According to a press release provided to TheDC, “you are the content creator, you own the content and you own and control the distribution.”

Talukder expanded on the press release and told TheDC he’s confident the app will make waves. “Yaksee is a disruptive technology and will democratize the broadcasting industry,” he said. “[It’s] enabling everyone to own and interactively distribute their content globally.”

YakSee also says its platform provides more customization and options than anything else on the market.

“Anyone – anywhere – can be selected at any time during the broadcast to join the presenter on-screen,” the YakSee press release states.

The startup boasts the ability to screen and queue callers, conduct polls, be listed in “program guides” and, maybe, most importantly, make money.

YakSee told TheDC it’s available on the Google Play Store and an Apple App Store version is coming soon.

“We are delighted and blessed to launch the YakSee Global Interactive Broadcasting Platform at Silicon Valley Comic Con, Steve Wozniak’s inaugural event to merge entertainment and technology, and kindly help us take it to the next level,” Talukder said.


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