Trump Mocks Supporter Christie As ‘Absentee Governor’ To Criticize Kasich [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Scott Audette

Derek Hunter Contributor
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[dcquiz] At a campaign rally in Ohio, GOP candidate Donald Trump wanted to make a point about how fellow candidate John Kasich spent a lot of time in New Hampshire campaigning for president while governor of Ohio. How he chose to do it may have left his own supporter, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a little upset.

Trump told supporters Kasich was “absentee” from Ohio during the campaign, that “he goes to New Hampshire, he’s living in New Hampshire.”

“Where’s Chris? Is Chris around?” Trump asked, looking for the New Jersey governor. “Even more than Chris Christie, he was there. Right? Even more,” Trump continued.

Christie came under criticism from Trump in the run-up to the New Hampshire primary as an “absentee governor” for spending so much time in the Granite State.

Trump then turned to look for Christie, who was at the event, and said, “I hated to do that but I had to make my point.”