Fancypants College Students Drop Punishment Threats Over Party Featuring TINY SOMBREROS

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Members of the student council at a swanky liberal arts college in Maine have announced that they will no longer seek to impeach a pair of student representatives who attended a tequila-themed party at which white students were photographed wearing brightly colored, miniature sombreros — perhaps the size of cereal bowls — on their heads.

The site of the politically-correct brouhaha is Bowdoin College, where a year of tuition, fees and room and board costs $61,354.

The Bowdoin student government members said they are scrapping their impeachment proceedings out of fear that the ambiguous bylaws on which impeachment would be based raise legal concerns, reports Inside Higher Ed.

School officials say it is student government members — not the school — worried about the vague, poorly written bylaws.

The ill-fated tequila party was planned by a group of female students as a birthday party for a friend. One of the hostesses is reportedly half-Colombian.

After the party, the photos of the white kids in little sombreros began circulating on social media.

Hispanic students immediately took great offense.

Next, high-ranking officials at the fancypants school launched a probe into a possible “act of ethnic stereotyping.”

On Feb. 22, Bowdoin’s dean of student affairs, Tim Foster, blasted out a school-wide email assuring students that both he and school president Clayton Rose were personally dedicated to investigating the small, tequila-themed party.

Bowdoin’s student council unanimously issued a “statement of solidarity” to “stand by all students who were affected by the” incredibly tiny sombreros at the “‘tequila’ party that occurred on 20 February 2016.”

Tiny sombreros and tequila consumption “will not and should not be tolerated by the Bowdoin community,” the student council statement proclaims.

The “offensive” party was an “act of cultural appropriation” that “creates an environment where students of color, particularly Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe,” the statement further declares. (RELATED: LOCO: College Kids Demand Safe Spaces After Party Featuring Tiny Sombreros And Tequila)

The statement also demands that school officials create “a supportive space for students who have been or feel targeted, for as long as students deem necessary.”

At 1,267 words, the “Statement of Solidarity re: ‘Tequila’ Party” is impressively long — just 56 words shorter than the United States Declaration of Independence. It ends with “BY ORDER OF BOWDOIN STUDENT GOVERNMENT,” in all caps.

A student council-sponsored meeting allowed opponents to criticize the tequila party. None of the critics had apparently attended the actual party.

A student who actually attended the party wrote anonymously to Barstool Sports to explain that the party was a great time. The complaining students are a bunch of no-fun whiners, the student said.

“Can you not drink tequila or wear a sombrero anymore if you aren’t Mexican?” the student asked. “What do these people think they’re going to accomplish? The way they reacted to this mundane event is nothing short of bananas.”

Bowdoin’s picturesque campus enrolls about 1,800 students. The school’s endowment is approximately $1.4 billion — slightly less than the total annual gross-domestic product of Djibouti.

While Bowdoin’s student council members have decided to halt impeachment, they insist that they were right to bring the articles of impeachment.

However, notes Inside Higher Ed, the student government representatives have no plans to reintroduce impeachment proceedings once better-written bylaws are created.

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