Glenn Beck: John Kasich Is A ‘Son Of A B**ch’ For Not Dropping Out [AUDIO]

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[dcquiz] Talk radio host Glenn Beck didn’t mince words Wednesday when he called Ohio Gov. John Kasich a “son of a bitch” for not dropping out of the presidential race after his win in Ohio.

Beck, who has endorsed Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] and compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, claimed that “the republic is at stake” and Kasich is preventing a one-on-one race between Trump and Cruz. (RELATED: Glenn Beck Warns That Trump Is Adolf Hitler [VIDEO])

While discussing the more-likely-than ever prospects of Trump becoming the eventual Republican nominee and how to handle it, Beck began his rant arguing, “Kasich, I mean, excuse my language, but, you son of a bitch, the republic is at stake.” (RELATED: GOP Primary Election Results….Trump Wins Florida, Kasich Wins Ohio, Rubio Drops Out)

“This is not like a normal race. The republic is at stake,” Beck said.

According to Beck, “It’s all about him [Kasich].”

Later, Beck spoke critically of the confetti shower after Kasich’s victory speech in Ohio saying, “When I saw that confetti come down on his head last night, I was like, ‘What did you win?’ That’s like confetti coming down when I go to the bathroom and I flush my toilet and it works.'”

Adding, “Of course, it’s supposed to work… This is your home state.”

LISTEN (1:46:15):

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