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Mizzou Doesn’t Recognize Melissa Click’s Appeal

YouTube screenshot/Mark Schierbecker

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See what I did there? Because she’s unappealing?

Inside Higher Ed:

The University of Missouri Board of Curators announced Tuesday that it has rejected an appeal from Melissa Click, an assistant professor at the university’s Columbia campus, of the board’s February decision to fire her…

In her appeal, Click wrote in part, “In my participation and in my actions on both days I firmly believe I was exercising my protected rights as a United States citizen and a citizen of the state of Missouri. I steadfastly believe it would be a violation of my First Amendment rights and my rights to academic freedom to suggest that my interactions on either day provide grounds for the termination of my employment.”

Melissa Click wanted to thwart the First Amendment. Now she’s actually appealing to it. She wants it to apply only to her and people who agree with her.

Mizzou got some muscle over there, and the muscle watched as she cleaned out her desk.

The First Amendment gives you the right to misuse the First Amendment as an argument when you get fired for not understanding the First Amendment. In America, you get to say any silly thing you want, and the rest of us get to point out that you’re silly. And your bosses aren’t obliged to keep paying you if you’re costing them a whole lot of money.

Forget muscle, Ms. Click. Get some brains over there.