Watch The Latest Anti-Trump ‘White Privilege’ Meme Interrupt 7 Iconic Moments In US History

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During a rather lengthy verbal engagement recently, a pro-Bernie protester loudly reminded a Trump supporter that he is “a fucking white male.”

The racial/gender identity reminder is a common refrain radical PC campus culture regularly employs, quite often in the face of opposition (ostensibly to silence it), and generally whenever they’ve been encouraged to think critically. What’s different now is that some intrepid netizen clipped this particularly shrill instance of racial ad hominem and dropped it on YouTube. Aside from sparking a concerted conversation on Reddit — a community that is basically in the tank for Bernie — the clip drew roughly 700,000 page views in less than a day.

So the virility of the clip had us wondering: What if this crusader of “white male privilege” had a time machine and could appear at random throughout American history? So we jumped on Vine to make it happen. Enjoy.

WARNING: Occasional F-Bomb.

1. Neil Armstrong makes history as the first white man on the Moon 

2. White President John F. Kennedy delivering his inspiring first inaugural address

3. That time white Bernie Sanders hung out with Black Lives Matter activists 

4. Singer John Lennon asks us to “Imagine” white peace and equality 

5. President Ronald Reagan delivering his iconic, white, Brandenburg Gate speech

6. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt fighting fear in his white first inaugural address

7. White, male Caitlyn Jenner accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award 

BONUS: Some even funnier netizen decided to edit the original video so that dude was actually arguing with himself.


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