EXCLUSIVE: Part Two Of Special Forces Medal Of Honor Legend’s Interview [VIDEO]

Alex Quade Freelance War Reporter
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Inspiration, impact and leadership — Medal of Honor recipient Col. Roger Donlon offers exclusive insights in part two of our video discussion ahead of National Congressional Medal of Honor Day, this Friday. The humble Green Beret received the first Medal of Honor of the Vietnam War, as well as the first for special operations forces.


Col. Donlon, who suffers from Agent Orange-related Parkinson’s Disease, invited me to his home in Leavenworth, Kansas, for an intimate, one-of-a-kind discussion on mentoring, values, finding your moral compass, and family. He and his wife Norma also shared their private collection of historical photos, documents, and mementos.

In this part two of three, we hear Col. Donlon’s candid views on the role of reporters, faith and the Church, the role of Special Forces, and character development. What we, as an audience discover from the interview, is a character-driven and courage-driven life with lessons that cross over beyond the military to the broader public, as well as to school children.

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Part three airs tomorrow

Alex Quade