Trump Once Asked New Hire To Admit Affair In Front Of 20,000 People

John Sommers II/Getty Images

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According to Donald Trump’s own words, he once asked a “new hire” to admit in front of a crowd of 20,000 people that she had “cheated like a dog” on her husband. Trump uses the story to make a point about prenuptial agreements in his 2007 book “Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life.”

As Trump tells it, he was speaking to a crowd of 20,000 people in Atlanta, when “A gorgeous woman got up to ask me if she could audition for The Apprentice.” Due to the fact that “she was hot, hot, hot!”, Trump told the woman “Come on up here to the podium, Jennifer. You’re hired.” (It’s unclear if Jennifer is the woman’s actual name.)

After Jennifer brought her “equally attractive” sister on stage, Trump asked whether either of them was married. Upon finding out that Jennifer had a husband, Trump writes, “I asked Jennifer, ‘Is your husband here?’ She said, ‘no.’ I said, ‘Okay, there are only about 20,000 people here, and he’s never going to find out. Have you ever cheated on your husband?’” The woman answered yes, saying, “it was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Trump then asked her to repeat that “In front of all of these people, you admit you cheated like a dog.” She responded, “I do not lie.”

Trump wasn’t finished, writing: “I said, ‘Do you have any friends here other than your sister? Because if you do, please tell them not to report you; that’s the end of your marriage.” Trump then asked Jennifer if her husband knew about the affair — he didn’t. At that point, Trump advised her that she was “going to need” a prenuptial agreement with her husband, implying a forthcoming divorce.

The story was apparently meant to hammer home a point Trump was making about the importance of prenuptial agreements as part of the book’s ninth chapter, titled “I Love You, Sign This.”

Trump also provides marital advice in his 1997 book titled “The Art of the Comeback.” In it, he advises men to divorce their wives if they are “griping and bitching.”

Trump published “Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life” roughly two years after his 2005 wedding, his third time tying the knot.

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