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Cubans Hide Nude Photos For Michelle Visit

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Triple X photographs don’t exactly spell a warm welcome for Michelle Obama.

But thankfully event organizers at a Havana art museum were on the case and replaced nudey pics on the wall before the first lady could ever lay her fragile eyes on them.


From a White House pool report from this morning by Laura Haim, White House correspondent for Canal Plus, a French TV station:

“The press was near the bar and what appeared to be a DJ console.The museum often holds live concerts in this space. An interesting side note: A producer of your pooler’s channel came to the museum two days ago and noticed a lot of nude art photos in the room in which the First lady had the event. Today those two pictures were replaced by a black-and-white photo of a flag and another one of a bird flying in the sky. Under one of the nude photos two days ago there was in Spanish this caption: ‘I could give you a secret, but I don’t have any trust in your silence.'”

Another alarming few lines in the report involved teenage girls who were advised not to cross their legs.

“Ten Cuban teenagers girls were seating in a room extremely excited to see her. Before her arrival, what looked like a Cuban official came up to the girls and asked them ins [sic] Spanish ‘to remain quiet and not cross their legs.'”