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KORWIN: Moderate Judges, Armed Teachers And Guns Are Germs – Three Myths We Just Busted

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Alan Korwin Contributor
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My Daily Caller columns have been cataloging the gun myths decent people have been enduring in the struggle to preserve, protect and defend the right to keep and bear arms. I didn’t choose those verbs lightly.

They’re the words in the oath the president swears to take office—to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. So when the person currently in the White House picks a judge for the U.S. Supreme Court, one who voted to overturn a case that protected the nation’s right to arms, and the media and White House call the candidate a moderate, we’re just drowning in mythology. Let’s leave that self-evident malarkey right there.

It did dawn on me however that when we’re done cataloging the myths, and if they can slow down throwing new ones at us, we should start catalog solutions—gun laws and policies that would really help. Remember, the left can’t pass any common-sense gun legislation because they aren’t proposing any.

Like what? How about a GunBurger bill. What’s that? Stick around, you’ll find out. And great Model Laws already posted at and elsewhere. And Guns 101 laws, and gun-education funding, anti-gun-tax improvements, and Unilateral Background Checks, 911 Limited Immunity laws, and comitatus clauses for all laws. The fact that you don’t know what half that stuff is reflects the miserable state of affairs in newsrooms nationwide. They’re keeping you totally in the dark. Alls you get is guns are bad, criminal acts and gore.

The Armed Teacher Myth

Left-wing hoplophobes (people with morbid gun fear) are keeping our nation’s schools in mortal peril, by loudly, illogically and immorally demanding that teachers be banned from their constitutional right to be armed. We entrust our children to teachers, they’re tested and screened as well as government is capable. To suggest they’re so totally incompetent they cannot safely bear arms is insulting, preposterous. It’s psychological projection of the opposition’s own fears. It’s a myth—or teachers are worse than we dreamed and need replacing.

It could not be more obvious that schools must be defensible, without the delay caused if the nearest armed officials are police officers off somewhere. Whatever you ascribe recent school shootings to, the fact that they now occur and never did when we were growing up, it needs a solution now. The idea that teachers are forced to go about gunless, disarmed at the threat of arrest and dismissal, so violates their human rights it’s astonishing the media doesn’t shout from the rooftops, with huge public support.

But the mythical part is the hardest to understand. Utah has armed its teachers since 2008. Eighteen states already have programs in place for armed educators (AL, CA, CT, HI, ID, IA, KY, MA, MS, MT, NH, NJ, NY, OR, RI, TX, UT, UT, WY). No psychotic and accidental mayhem has ensued. That fear was mythical, a fabrication just like the paranoid delusions these same untreated hoplophobes burdened us with when CCW laws were enacted in all 50 states. It is well past time to single out the naysayers and myth purveyors, help them with interventions and counseling, and get on with the process of training and arming the staff where our precious youngsters gather on a daily basis. Stop the lunatics from stopping reasonable, common-sense gun-safety laws, like armed teachers.

The Guns Are Germs Myth

Some myths die when it becomes obvious they are inane. For a long while there, doctors, who should be paragons of scientific virtue, were proliferating abject nonsense in a spurious paradigm, to pretend that guns were part of their practice of medicine.

To make this seem palatable, at least to them, they drew up a model where guns are germs (it’s true, doctors did this), ownership of guns is a disease (sacre bleu!), and the gun culture is an epidemic (OMG!). I have to try not to laugh as I write this, it is so bizarre it is hard to type the words.

Actual medical journals publish articles proposing political agendas straight out of the Brady/Bloomberg anti-rights campaign, lacking balance, displaying little understanding of the issue (recently, in Annals of Internal Medicine). Real doctors with medical degrees propose non-medical propaganda for gun confiscation. I need a thesaurus to find enough sufficiently ridiculous adjectives to describe the pseudo-medical constructs. People like Gary Slutkin, a University of Chicago epidemiologist formed “Cure Violence,” a group treating violence as contagion. “We need to understand this as a biological health matter and an epidemiologic process.” Doctors took it seriously, and are around who believe this to this day. Physician heal thyself.

“Doctors who give their patients advice on guns, which is typically anti-gun-rights and disarmament advice, are committing boundary violations,” says Dr. Timothy Wheeler, executive director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, an organization of medical professionals who watch and study the gun issue occurring within the medical community. Doctors are, for the most part, completely unqualified to practice firearms advice, and are typically promoting political agendas they picked up from hate groups that want the public disarmed and have little or no understanding of the rights underlying gun ownership, possession and use.

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Alan Korwin is the author of 14 books, 10 of them on gun law. His book After You Shoot examines ways to lower your risks after a self-defense shooting. He has been invited twice to observe oral argument in gun cases at the U.S. Supreme Court. Reach him at, where he is the publisher of Bloomfield Press.

Alan Korwin