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Trump Ruins Everything, Even Roughing Up Protesters

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How much of a jerk do you need to be before you can make me concede that George Stephanopoulos has a point?

This much of a jerk:

The guy grabbing the Trump protester by the collar — or, in Trump’s words, showing “spirit” — is Corey Lewandowski. That’s the same Trump underling who grabbed Michelle Fields a couple of weeks ago. (Then he smeared her professional reputation, and her Trump-humping bosses at Breitbart sided with him over their own employee. But that’s another story.) Lewandowski likes pushing people around, figuratively and literally, if he thinks they’re in his boss’s way.

In both cases, there’s visual evidence and eyewitness testimony about Lewandowski’s behavior. And in both cases, Trump lied about it and Trumpkins don’t care. Much like the man they worship, their version of the truth can change at a moment’s notice, as circumstances require:

  1. He didn’t do it!
  2. You can’t prove he did it.
  3. So what if he did it?

If this sounds a lot like the yammering of a Democrat to you, I think you might be onto something.

I don’t like being lied to, whether the liar has a (D) or an (R) after his name. And I don’t like protesters or the mainstream media, which is just another reason for me to dislike Trump. He’s actually making me sympathize with those creeps. They’re awful, but at least they’re not Donald Trump.

Trump and his acolytes have more in common with these protesters than they want to admit. Both groups believe they’re the only ones who should be allowed to speak. Both groups are authoritarian fascists. I don’t like any of them. And I’m sure as hell not voting for any of them.

Jim Treacher