‘Union of White Cornell Students’ Plans Campus March, Claims Funding From NEO-NAZIS

public domain, YouTube screenshot/Cornell University

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Two unidentified student leaders of an alleged group at Cornell University called the “Union of White Cornell Students” have promised to release a set of demands soon and say they foresee a campus march on behalf of white students in the future.

Last week, The Cornell Sun, the student newspaper at the $64,853-per-year Ivy League bastion in Upstate New York, interviewed the anonymous students by way of an audio conferencing platform called UberConference.

Also participating was a man claiming to be Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, who has described himself — according to The Daily Dot — as an Internet “troll” and a “long-time critic of Judaism, black culture,” much immigration “and the media’s constant stream of anti-white propaganda.”

One of the two unidentified students, who called himself Billy Jessup, said he believes there has been too much hostility toward white people at Cornell.

“I am anonymous right now because I am afraid of my fellow students and the direction they are going,” Billy Jessup told the Sun. “Some of these folks are a little too motivated to be aggressive towards white people.”

The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi, white supremacist website which features section headings such as “Race War” and “Jewish Problem,” has furnished the “Union of White Cornell Students” with a $500 grant, according to Auernheimer.

The second student, identified only by a phone number with New Hampshire’s 603 area code, focused on demands by Cornell’s Black Student Union.

“Right now, the administration has been receptive to BSU. We want them to come back from their earlier statements,” the student told the Sun. “We want the Cornell Plantations name to stay as is. We want BSU disbanded and more fair dialogue about the issue of race.”

The reference to the Cornell Plantations relates to a fracas at the fancypants university over the name of the school’s famed botanical gardens. The current name, Cornell Plantations, reminds some people of slavery. (RELATED: Black Students At Ivy League School Are Threatening Protests Over The Word ‘Plantation’ Now)

The anonymous white students also expressed concerns about demands by the Black Student Union to subject all students to compulsory coursework on institutionalized power and privileges. They call these demands an attempt at “racial reeducation.”

The students say they are “very concerned white students” who are retaining their anonymity because they have been criticized as a “hate group” and fear for their own safety.

“Since we’ve started people have been trying to discredit us,” one of the pair told the Sun. “They don’t want to believe that a voice like ours could exist on such a liberal campus with such a liberal bias.”

The Cornell pro-white group began its campaign on March 3 with an open letter addressed “to the Cornell Community and the greater public.”

“The rhetoric in mainstream media and even our own higher academia has proven to be toxic and divisive attempting to undermine the efforts of the white race and even promote shaming and self-guilt,” the letter declares. “We are a community that attempts to recognize the many accomplishments of the white race and preserve our heritage.”

The full text of the letter is available on Facebook.

The two students claim that their group, meeting in secret, has ballooned to more than 140 members.

“This is coming. This is going to happen. There’s nothing you can do about it,” one of them told the student newspaper “White people are fed up with being treated like a minority. Do you understand that?”

Many of the comments under The Cornell Sun’s story are antagonistic toward the white student group — some aggressively so.

However, as The College Fix notes, a handful of commenters observe that the “Union of White Cornell Students” could be an elaborate hoax.

“The evidence says you’re being trolled,” says one skeptic. “If you can’t verify their identities as Cornell Students, you shouldn’t have run this piece, and given that this is a known prank occurring at other schools, you should have been even more incredulous.”

April Fool’s Day is next Friday. (RELATED: White Student Union Releases Demands On Behalf Of ‘Europe@n’ Students)

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