Flight Attendant Caught Attempting To Smuggle 70 Pounds Of Cocaine Remains At Large

Carly Rolph Contributor
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A flight attendant is on the run after abandoning two suitcases containing nearly 70 pounds of cocaine at an LAX terminal.

Before attempting to smuggle the cocaine onto a flight leaving Los Angeles, the Jet Blue flight attendant was randomly selected for a security screening, NBC Los Angeles reports. She was then pulled aside by a Transportation Security Administration officer.

Witnesses claim the flight attendant appeared nervous and made a phone call in a language not recognized by TSA officers. She was then taken to the secondary screening area and asked for identification, but then she suddenly took off running toward the exit, bags in hand.

The woman soon ditched her Gucci shoes and the two carry on bags containing the cocaine before exiting the terminal. She still remains at large.

“You’re talking about $2 million worth of cocaine…That’s pretty troubling,” president of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers’ Association, Marshall McClain, told The LA Times.

“This is more than likely not her first time doing this,” McClain speculated.

The incident has prompted the Airport Police Union to renew their previous call for 100 percent passenger and employee screening.

In a statement, the L.A. Peace Officers’ Association said that flight attendants and crewmembers are not normally subject to searches and used the incident as an example of why 100 percent employee screening has the potential to stop “insider” or “lone” wolf terrorist attacks.

“The weekend’s incident reinforces the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers’ Association’s calls for an airport police officer to be stationed within 300 feet of the TSA screening checkpoint,” said McClain.

Friday’s incident is currently being investigated by the L.A. Airport Police, LAPD and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

DEA spokesman Timothy Massino said the flight attendant could face criminal charges.

“We have her identified. We know who she is, and we’re looking for her,” Massino told CBS Los Angeles.