Hillary Says Her Refusal To Say ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Is Just ‘Semantics’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton attempted to clarify her phraseology and refusal to use the words “radical islamic terrorism,” claiming it’s just “semantics” Tuesday during an interview on CNN’s “Wolf.”

Clinton was asked to respond to Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore]’s criticism of her refusal to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” of which she claimed,  “I don’t think that you get that kind of cooperation that I’m looking for — deep, intense, long-lasting cooperation — by playing these semantic games.”

In an interview with CNN on Monday night, Cruz said, “We need a commander in chief that defends America and defending America means defeating radical Islamic terrorist and ISIS. What is completely unreasonable is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s consistent pattern of refusing to even say the words radical Islamic terrorism…”

Clinton responded, “Well, that’s a long debate that people like him try to stir up. You know, I call it radical jihadist terrorism because you know it is clearly rooted in Islamic thinking that you know has to be contested first and foremost by Muslims around the world. But I think it is a mistake. I have said it repeatedly.”

“George W. Bush said it to do anything that implies we are at war with an entire religion, with one 1.2 or 4 billion people is not only wrong, it is dangerous,” Clinton said.

“You know, right here at home, we need to be reaching out and including Muslim Americans and communities where they live in our first line of defense. We don’t need them to feel if they hear or see something that they can’t report it. We want them to report it. We want them to be a part of our protecting the United States. And the same goes for Europe.”

“So, you know, I think these debates about semantics really misses the point. You know, I was involved in the most important counterterrorism effort of the last eight years and making a decision whether or not to go after bin Laden. I think I understand the stakes,” Clinton claimed. “I also think I understand that we will be more effective in defeating radical jihadism and defeating ISIS and the other terrorist groups if we have coalitions with nations that are predominantly Muslim.”

“Let’s work at preventing the terrorist,” Clinton suggested. “Let’s isolate them from the vast majority of Muslims and let’s defeat them and do whatever we can to protect America, Europe and our other friends and partners around the world.”

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