Rutgers Women’s Studies Professor: Israel Mines The Organs Of Dead Muslims

Jabir Puar YouTube screenshot/American University of Beirut

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A queer theory professor in the department of women’s and gender studies on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, N.J. believes that Israel has plundered the internal organs of dead Muslims.

The professor, Jasbir Puar, is also threatening legal action against anyone who circulates any video recording of a Feb. 3 lecture at Vassar College during which she made the fevered allegation, reports The Jewish Press, a U.S. weekly for the modern Orthodox Jewish community.

“The talk was taped without my permission or that of the people who had invited me, and the transcript was disseminated to right wing media,” Puar wrote on March 16 in Jadaliyya, a “left-of-center” Middle East-focused website produced by the George Soros-supported Arab Studies Institute.

Puar doubled down on her updated twist on the Jewish blood libel in Jadaliyya.

“The fraught history of organ mining practices from both IDF soldiers and Palestinian bodies during the 1990s is well documented,” she wrote. “During the second intifada, Palestinian bodies were held at the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine for prolonged periods without explanation. Even mainstream Israeli press such as Ha’aretz have reported on the collecting of illegally obtained organs at Abu Kabir.”

“In my lecture, I made clear that I was not making any empirical claims about current organ mining,” Puar also wrote. “Rather, I was conveying a small part of the sheer terror of life in the West Bank since the uprising began in October 2015. I can only surmise that the charges of anti-Semitism and blood libel leveled against me were intended to discredit scholarship about the deleterious effects of the occupation on Palestinian daily life.”

Puar says she delivered her Vassar speech to a “welcoming and enthusiastic audience.”

Despite reportedly threatening to sue anyone who actually publishes video of the lecture she gave at Vassar, Puar slams “current Zionist strategy” for repressing the “exercise of free speech and academic freedom” in her 2,567-word Jadaliyya jeremiad.

On her Rutgers webpage, Puar says her research interests include feminist globalization studies, queer studies and sexualities studies. She congratulates herself as an award-winning “scholar-activist” with an “expertise in race relations.”

Puar’s publications include “Homonationalism as Assemblage: Viral Travels, Affective Sexualities,” “Queer Tourism: Geographies of Globalization” and “I Would Rather Be A Cyborg Than a Goddess: Becoming-Intersectional of Assemblage Theory.”

Her third book is entitled “Inhumanist Occupation: Sex, Affect, and Palestine/Israel.”

Last month Puar withdrew from a lecture she had been scheduled to give at Fordham University on the “biopolitics of debility in Gaza.” She was concerned because Fordham officials wanted to make her lecture publicly available, according to the New York Daily News.

“Professor Puar will not respond to any press inquiries,” a note at the end of her Jadaliyya piece indicates.

You can visit Puar’s website here.

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