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Emory University Students Demand Trump-Free Safe Space

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Look, kids. I don’t like the guy either, but you really need to pull yourselves together. It could be a really long four years.

Sam Budnyk, the Emory Wheel:

Students protested yesterday at the Emory Administration Building following a series of overnight, apparent pro-Donald Trump for president chalkings throughout campus.

Roughly 40 students gathered shortly after 4:30 p.m. in the outdoors space between the Administration Building and Goodrich C. White Hall; many students carried signs featuring slogans such as “Stop Trump” or “Stop Hate” and an antiphonal chant addressed to University administration, led by College sophomore Jonathan Peraza, resounded “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!” throughout the Quad.

Because somebody wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk all over campus. That’s why these leaders of tomorrow are whining about feeling “unsafe” and “afraid” and “all itchy and sore because somebody needs to change our diapers.”

Emory President James W. Wagner, no doubt won over by the antiphonal chant, has announced “immediate refinements to certain policy and procedural deficiencies, regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues, a formal process to institutionalize identification, review and [the] addressing of social justice opportunities and issues and a commitment to an annual retreat to renew our efforts.”

Which sounds to me like: I really want to keep this phony-baloney job, and this kind of nonsense is hitting other colleges right in the pocketbook, so here’s a bunch of gibberish to keep you ridiculous crybabies occupied until this blows over. But Wagner also says he’s going to review security-cam footage to find the “culprit.” So I guess he’s actually serious.

If you oppose Trump’s policies, youngsters, guess what? So does he. See, he doesn’t really want to kick out all the Muslims, or build a big wall and make Mexico pay for it, or any of that crap. He’s lying. He’s a liar. And the millisecond one of his lies no longer suits him, he just denies ever saying it in the first place and then tells some more lies.

He’s just like Obama in that way, which is one of the many reasons I don’t like him. And he’s running as a Republican, which is why these mewling infants don’t like him.

Of course, protests like this will only help Trump. He’s become the “politically incorrect” candidate. If I say anything about him mocking disabled people, or obsessing over Megyn Kelly, or any of his other repulsive behavior, I’m being “politically correct.” It can’t be that I’m genuinely disgusted with him, because Trumpkins aren’t disgusted with him. They really can’t conceive of anybody genuinely disagreeing with them. The more I resist their cult of personality, the more they remind me that it is one.

I reserve the right to think that Trump is a jackass who’s unfit for public office and that these overgrown toddlers need to toughen up. Both things can be true. I can disdain them both and side with neither, and I will continue to do so.

If you have a problem with that, go run to your safe space.

(Hat tip: Robby Soave)