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Gawkerites Whine About Hulk Hogan’s $140 Million Leg-Drop

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Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you? If you’re Gawker, you’re gonna cry like a baby.

A.J. Daulerio is the ex-Gawker employee who posted the Hulk Hogan sex tape and wrote up a bunch of amateurish prose about it. He’s now on the hook for $100,000, which he does not have. Here’s what he told Lloyd Grove at the Daily Beast:

“There was a lot of wickedness that was revealed on both sides, but they’re the better liars, and we’re bad actors,” the 41-year-old Daulerio told The Daily Beast on Tuesday evening…

“Coming into this trial, I knew what this was going to be about,” Daulerio said. “You can’t have a First Amendment-type argument in front of a jury trial, and then have it come down to decency. For better or worse, I don’t have most of that going for me—at least in public. But I know I’m a helluva lot more decent than those people on the other side, I’ll tell you that much.”

If you’ve been following the trial, you know that during Daulerio’s time at Gawker, he also refused to take down another video that showed a woman possibly being raped. And in a videotaped deposition from 2013 regarding the Hogan video, Daulerio made what turned out to be a very expensive joke about child pornography. But other than that, he’s the aggrieved party here. He’s the decent one.

Daulerio says he doesn’t regret anything he’s done: “This whole trial has made me more loyal and faithful to Nick and to that company.” I’m glad to hear that. I’m glad he hasn’t learned anything from this, and that he’s remaining loyal to his very wealthy boss while facing financial ruin himself. I’m sure this attitude will serve Daulerio well in the years to come.

Gawker’s Scumbag-in-Chief Nick Denton has responded to the verdict with an epic rant on the site, blaming everybody but himself for his misfortune. I gave up when he blamed his own readers — “It was their choice to click on the headline and the play button” — but read the whole thing if you think it’s a good use of your time.

As for the Hulkster, well…

It’s not too late, Nick and A.J. Say your prayers, take your vitamins, and maybe one day you won’t be total garbage.