Black Lawmaker Says If He Was White He Would ‘Mow…Down’ His Colleagues With A Semiautomatic Weapon [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A black Nebraska state senator with a history of making inflammatory remarks did so again on Tuesday when he said that if he was white he would “mow…down” his colleagues in the legislative chamber.

Ernie Chambers, Nebraska’s longest-serving senator, said on the legislative floor that he was so upset with debate over a gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination bill that he was forced to watch the session from his office.

“But the reason I do it down there — if I was up here I’d probably pick these books up and start throwing them around,” Chambers said.

He added: “If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down.”

Last year, Chambers received national attention after he compared police to ISIS. “My ISIS is the police,” he said during a March 20, 2015 Senate hearing.

One Republican senator was upset that the Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature failed to rebuke Chambers after his latest comments. Sen. Bill Kintner noted that Speaker Galen Hadley chastised him earlier this year for penning a column asserting that the Nebraska legislative body was full of trained monkeys.

“In a column that I wrote how the institution is like a bunch of trained monkeys and it was an analogy no one got called a monkey and he didn’t like it, he called me out and he’s allowed to do that, but I want the same standard applied to Senator Chambers,” Kintner told KLKN.

Hadley, who presided over floor debate when Chambers made his remarks, told the Lincoln Journal-Star that Chambers’ comments did not register with him at the time they were made.

He said that lawmakers are immune to criminal or civil action for comments they make during legislative debate or public hearings.

“What could I do?” Hadley asked.


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