Election 2016: Elitists Are Thinking Outside The Box, Why Not The People?

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Alan Keyes Former Assistant Secretary of State
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Sarah Palin, Ben Carson and Donald Trump are all of them political “Judas goats,” set forth under false pretenses to corral this or that group of voters, in order dutifully to deliver them to the polling places, whence they will advance toward the eventual destruction of our identity as a free people. For many months I have labored in article after article with a view to opening the eyes of the people, truly well intentioned toward the just sovereignty and liberty of their nation, whom the elitist faction’s ploys are intended to deceive, seduce and then betray.   

The strategy for their deployment now approaches its critical stage. More and more people are beginning to see what is transpiring in America’s politics as the subversive elitist faction sham it certainly is. Perceived suddenly and unexpectedly, the reality of it could very likely paralyze their moral will, tempting them to drop out of a process so treacherously contrived against them. Instead of reacting against the instigators of the sham, they may well be tempted to react against themselves, distrusting that they have the capacity for responsible, intelligent self-government our constitutional liberty requires.

But I know there are many such people who share my faith in God and Jesus Christ. Despite the bad examples of foolish self-sufficiency being given these days by people who profess to be Christian leaders and bellwethers, people who share that faith begin from the humbling premise that, as human beings, we are all of us in need of salvation, which we cannot self-sufficiently procure. We need the merciful help of God. We need the saving Grace supplied through Jesus Christ. We need the guidance in respect of right and truth that Christ provides to us, even though we still fall far short of the standard God has prepared for us to live by.

I thank God for the fact that, despite all their evident failures to live up to it, the first generation to bear the name of citizens of the United States trusted to God for right, and rights, and liberty. They did so even though He raised a standard by which their sins (including for example the sin of slavery) would demand atonement. But though, as Jefferson avowed, the thought of God’s standard occasioned fear and trembling, they did not let it go. They did not turn their backs on it, as so many are doing now. Neither were they content to pay lip-service to God’s truth and then settle instead for the world’s treacherous and deceitful wickedness in disguise.

Some say we have no alternative but the choice of evils the elitist faction’s artful dodgers offer us; no choice but to herd ourselves toward destruction under the banners of socialism or pragmatism raised by one purveyor of tyranny or another. If it is true that God is dead, and Christ was but a man of good intentions, this must be so. For then there is no power within us but what is born of the force the world supplies in our despite.  

But if our sense of conscience and goodwill is rooted in the power that supplies the world for our perception, all we must do is firmly resolve to honor it, as once America’s Founders did. By doing so, we will rediscover the grounds for battle on which they successfully won the victory that delivered us into the world a nation. We will reestablish the freedom that belongs to those whose claim of rightful liberty is not the illegitimate spawn of power, but the rightful offspring of God’s truth, God’s mercy and God’s love.

With that in mind, ponder a question: In recent days the prospect of Donald Trump’s victory in the contest for the Presidency has led some fellow members of his elitist clan to meet and plan for what they call a third party alternative to the Tweedledum and Dumber choice between one of the Clintons and the Trump that so long sounded in praise of them. As I write this Bill Kristol, of The Weekly Standard, is saying that he wants “to explore the possibility of an Independent Republican if Trump is the Republican nominee.”  

Bill Kristol rightly concludes that Donald Trump is not fit to represent him in the Oval Office. Apparently it’s not crazy for elitist media and money magnates to make sure they have a choice in the General Election. The message seems to be that real choice is only forbidden to the people at the grassroots, the people who still believe in God, the Declaration and the Constitution that entrusts people at large with ultimate sovereignty over the government ordained and established by the people.

How is it that elitist power and money that have rejected self-government and its God-acknowledging principles can still find a way to represent themselves on the General Election ballot, but voters rich in conscience, heart and loyalty to those principles cannot?  How is it indeed, when, hidden in plain sight in the provisions of our Constitution, is a way — however long forgotten and disused — which may yet prove to be the disremembered sword, meant to revive and reanimate the failing sovereignty of the people. It is sheathed, like King Arthur’s Excalibur, in the stony hearts of our would-be political masters. But the people may withdraw it still from thence, if and when they dare to remember that “those who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”

The key to understanding the nature of the sword is to open your eyes to the Big Lie, the lie that pretends that the President and Vice-President of the United States are chosen on General Election Day. In the eyes of the U.S. Constitution, no one is running for those executive offices when the people at large cast their votes. The only candidates available for choice are those running for the office of Elector. So the key to reclaiming the initiative for the people at large is to focus on the Electors, treating the so-called presidential “candidates” most states now list at the head of the slates of Electors as the figments of real choice (for the people) they have become.

I have written about what I call the electoral college strategy for the Presidential election at some length. In my WND column this week I will promote it again. I hope that by doing so I will help people to see past the paralyzing lie that the people themselves are somehow forbidden to do what the partisans of the elitist faction say they are seriously thinking about doing. But we can and must do what America’s Founders intended for the people to do. We must reclaim the Electoral College for its true purpose — which is to represent the constitutional sovereignty of the good people of the United States, not the narcissistic ambitions of a power obsessed elitist few.