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State Sen. — ‘If I Was A White Guy, I’d Go Get My Semiautomatic Weapon And … Mow Everybody Down’

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Nebraska state Senator Ernie Chambers made a wild statement during an open legislative debate Wednesday.

According to the Journal Star, Chambers — during discussion over a potential bill limiting “discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity” — vocalized serious displeasure over the course the debate had taken.

“If I was up here I’d probably pick these books up and start throwing them around,” Chambers exclaimed. “If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down.”

Additionally, he defended his outburst later that afternoon.

“Be glad when the snake rattles,” he told reporters. “My words are all that I’m using.”

This isn’t Chambers’ first time using inflammatory rhetoric during a legislative session.

Back in 2015, he compared the police’s relationship with the black community to that between ISIS and non-radical Syrian Muslims. (RELATED: State Senator Calls Police Terrorists, Says He Will Shoot Them)

Speaker Galen Hadley told the Journal Star that Chambers will not be disciplined for his remarks since “lawmakers are immune from criminal or civil liability for things they say during legislative debate.”

“What could I do?,” Hadley added.

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