Trump Won’t End The Limited Government Wing Of The GOP Because It Never Existed

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Ryan Girdusky Political Consultant
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Jonah Goldberg warned that nominating Donald Trump “will wreck the Republican Party,” Kevin Williamson said that the billionaire represents “Resentment Republicans,” David Limbaugh believes that the GOP frontrunner has “no understanding of limited government,” and Ben Domenech claimed Trump would transform the GOP from “a party for freedom into a party of white nationalism.”

These are just a few of the chest beating, self-aggrandizing, guardians of the conservative temple who have been less than truthful about the Republican Party.

To begin with Republican Party has never nominated someone (yes, including Reagan) who had a record in reducing government. Every president, regardless if they ride into the White House on an elephant or a donkey, has increased the size, scope, and spending of government.

Promising old ladies who subscribe to National Review and donate $20 to a Stop Hillary PAC that if only Republicans reject Trump, we will elect a “true conservative” who will balance the budget, destroy ISIS, and spread conservatism as they know it throughout the land, is a flat out lie.

Most “acceptable conservatives” that ran in this election cycle had no plans to restrain government. Despite having 17 Republicans running for president, there were only three types of candidates: Rand Paul, Donald Trump, and the 15 dwarfs who recycled George W. Bush talking points. None of Conservative Inc.’s candidates were going to fulfill the empty promises.

To think that Ted Cruz, Jeb! Bush or Marco Rubio were going to roll back government to pre-George W. Bush days while antagonizing Russia into World War III, expanding free trade agreements, importing millions of poor people from around the world, and balancing the budget, is farcical.

Even more infuriating is that the few times a limited government conservative has run for office, they have been mocked and ignored. Conservative Inc. portrayed Ron Paul as crazy but Rick Perry as a true believer.

These soothsayers have been wrong at every turn of the primary process, and it irks them to no end that enough people haven’t read the mental masturbation they’ve peddled in their books, non-profits, and think tanks. If only the pragmatic proletarians would abandon Trump and listen to their diagnosis on how to create the new American century.

For decades, they have been able to sell “conservatism” as a meaningless brand, suitable for all shapes and sizes, but like New Coke, no one wants something that’s empty, bad for you, and leaves a disgusting taste.