Former Basketball Star Is Locked, Stocked & Ready For The Apocalypse [AUDIO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Gonzaga University senior big man Kyle Wiltjer stopped by the “Pardon My Take” podcast Friday to talk March Madness, but he ended up spilling a secret about former Zags and NBA star Adam Morrison.

When asked to compare himself to former college basketball greats — “a rich man’s Adam Morrison or a poor man’s Christian Laettner?” — Wiltjer said he’d have to go with Laettner, considering Morrison’s off-court habits.

“Let me give you a brief example of this,” Wiltjer said. “The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse. He’s got food stashed away, everything. So he could survive everything.

“Guns, everything. He’s got a bunker,” Wiltjer confirmed despite not having “fully seen it… He’s got food, guns everything, if anything went down.”

Apparently, Morrison’s hobby stems from an extreme distrust of government.

“He thinks something’s going down with politics or something, because if you ever ask him a political question, you will get a great answer,” Wiltjer explained. “He thinks everyone is corrupt, basically.”


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