Todd: Hillary’s Libyan Intervention Is An Example Of ‘Wrong Policy’ And ‘Miscalculating’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Chuck Todd slammed Hillary Clinton on MSNBC Friday, arguing that while Clinton may campaign on “competence,” the terrorist attack in Benghazi is “an example of her being miscalculating.”

Appearing on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Friday, the moderator of “Meet the Press” said, “Competence has always been her strength but I do believe what Benghazi and Libya present is this was an example of her being miscalculating, the policy was wrong.”

“I’ve always believed she’s more vulnerable than on the policy than on what happened that night. You know, why was Benghazi a dangerous situation? Because of the decision to topple Qaddafi,” Todd argued.

Adding “that has always been [Clinton’s] real policy vulnerability there.”

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