Trump Aide: People Are Angrier Over Trump’s RTs Than Illegal Immigrants Murdering Americans [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Taking part in the panel on CNN’s Sunday broadcast of “State of the Union,” Stephen Miller — a senior policy adviser to Republican front-runner Donald Trump — criticized Washington, DC for “feigning indignation” over the wrong issues.

“I think it says a lot about the conscious of Washington, D.C., how many hours we have spent discussing a retweet,” Miller stated. “It would be nice if one tenth of the outrage that has been spent in feigned indignation over this retweet had instead been spent this summer when Kate Steinle was murdered in cold blood by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.”

“I was working in the Senate at the time,” Miller continued. “Congress did nothing when an American citizen was murdered and died in cold blood in her father’s arms. We get wrong about what we’re mad about in America.”

“We don’t get mad when Americans are murdered by illegal immigrants. We don’t get mad when people have their jobs taken. We don’t get mad when entire cities are crushed by our trade policies.”

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