Trump: Cruz Is Trying To ‘Steal’ The Nomination From Me [VIDEO]

Steve Guest | Media Reporter

Donald Trump claims that Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] is trying to steal the Republican nomination from him because “that’s the way Ted works,” citing Cruz’s recent gain in delegates from Louisiana despite losing the primary to Trump.

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, guest host Jonathan Karl asked Trump if Cruz was “trying to steal” the nomination from Trump because he might be leaving Louisiana with “as many as 10 more delegates… on the key committees that will write the rules for the Republican convention.” (RELATED: Cruz Gains Delegates In Key Convention Posts)

Trump responded, “Well, it tells you what a crooked system we have and what a rotten political system we have. And frankly, I’m so — I’m millions of votes more than — I have millions of votes more than ‘Lying Ted.’ I have millions — millions of votes more.”

“I have many, many delegates more. I’ve won areas. And he’s trying to steal things because that’s the way Ted works,” Trump claimed, adding that “the system is a broken system. The Republican tabulation system is a broken system. It’s not fair.”

“I have so many millions of votes more,” Trump argued. “I’ve brought people into this party by the millions. You understand that. They voted by the millions more. It’s one of the biggest stories in all of politics.”

“And what do I have,” Trump rhetorically asked. “I have a guy going around trying to steal people’s delegates. This is supposed to be America, a free America. This is supposed to be a system of votes where you go out, you have elections, free elections.”

Continuing his rant, Trump claimed, “I won Louisiana and now I hear he’s trying to steal delegates. You know, welcome to, uh, the Republican Party.”

“What’s going on in the Republican Party is a disgrace,” Trump claimed. “I have so many more votes and so many more delegates. And, frankly, whoever at the end, whoever has the most votes and the most delegates should be the nominee.”

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