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Quote of the Day:

“People should really reread their tweets to process how thirsty they sound before pressing ‘tweet’. Internet is forever, folks.”

CJ Pearson, teen journalist.



Cryin’ Ted

Ivanka Trump possibly names her child after GOP hopeful Ted Cruz. The baby’s name is: Theodore James Kushner. The Mirror imagines that Trump will not refer to the baby as “Lyin’ Ted.”


“Accidentally been drinking alcohol free alcohol just after I made a decaf coffee instead of a normal coffee, so this Easter is swell.” — Scott Bryan, TV editor, BuzzFeed UK.

A question about the word ‘coupon’

“Do you pronounce coupon as coo-pon or kew-pon?” — Lizzie O’Leary, Marketplace.

Uh Oh. 

“Suddenly I see my Gmail is ‘Currently being used in 1 other location” and wonder if it means my 2 year old got ahold of my Mac at home.” — Michael Roston, New York Times.

Umm….who believes this? 

“I’ve known @RogerJStoneJr for 31 years and I have never – ever – seen him quoted in a hit piece he placed. That’s dirty tricks malpractice.” — Michael Caputo, blogger, PoliticsNY.

Trump resorts to name calling 

“Wow, sleepy eyes @chucktodd is at it again. He is do totally biased. The things I am saying are correct. – far better vision than the others.” — GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

A Convo Between Two White Male Journos 

BEN WHITE (Politico): “I do however blame TV reporting to some extent for gorging on Trump while not pointing out regularly enough that he is totally full of shit.”

JAY YARROW (CNBC, SVP): “Ok. I blame the dishonest media for tricking people into voting for him. Pretty clear media in the bag for Trump.”

SHOCKING: Someone has a good experience with Craigslist 

“For every Craigslist jerk, there’s the lady who just came to pick up my chairs and hugged me twice because she was so excited to have them.” — Allison Preiss, director of media relations for the Center for American Progress.


“Wish Kleenex makers would do some more product testing to make sure their stuff doesn’t come apart when confronted with 5 o’clock shadow.” — Leon Wolf, managing editor, RedState.

Breitbart reporter: ‘Ted Cruz is a friend of mine’

“Dear #NeverTrump people: I know Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a friend of mine. Your scorched-earth politics on this is silly.” — Breitbart News Patrick Howley.

Journo Love

“@amandacarpenter is a respectable, intelligent, Christian woman who I am honored to work with. She deserves nothing but the highest praise.” — Kayleigh McEnany, pundit, Trump supporter. Amanda Carpenter, also a pundit and a former aide to Ted Cruz, was recently named among the women who allegedly porked Cruz. She’s married with children and most sane people think there’s no way this happened.