Anti-Trump Super PAC Says Other Melania Trump Photos ‘Too Racy’ To Use

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The anti-Trump PAC Make America Awesome (MAA), which created the Facebook ad featuring a nude photo of Donald Trump’s wife, claims they could have used “racier” photos of Melania Trump but chose not to.

MAA released a statement countering the New York developer’s assertion that the Ted Cruz campaign bought the rights to the photo and later “gifted them” to the PAC.

“Actually, little green men who were captured by the US government and are currently being held at Area 51 telepathically communicated to me that one could find some interesting pictures of Melania Trump online at sites called things like ‘Celebrity Sex Tape’ and ‘DCGazette’ and then the Freemasons personally urged me to use the image of her handcuffed in an ad targeting Mormon women,” Make America Awesome spokeswoman Liz Mair said in a statement. “And Xenu agreed!”

The racy Facebook ad stated “Meet Melania Trump. Your New First Lady.” Trump blamed Sen. Ted Cruz and threatened to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife Heidi, though Cruz has nothing to do with the PAC.

Mair explained that the photo was chosen because of the “presence of handcuffs, which was particularly bothersome to the target audience.”

“However, there are definitely racier shots of her out there that would no doubt be considered more scandalous by a lot of voters across the entire political spectrum — too racy for us to use in Facebook ads, candidly,” she continued.

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