CNN Anchor On Democratic Superdelegates: ‘Sounds Like The System Is Rigged’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN “Outfront” host Erin Burnett said on Monday that Democratic Party’s use of superdelegates seems to rig the system against grassroots activists and candidates like Bernie Sanders.

Burnett played a clip from Democratic National Committee Chair [crscore]Debbie Wasserman Schultz[/crscore] before making the comment.

“Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists,” Wasserman Schultz said in the clip.

Burnett said, “Ouch! That sounds like the system is rigged against grassroots activists, against people like Bernie Sanders. (VIDEO: CNN’s Tapper Challenges DNC Chair To Explain ‘Rigged’ Superdelegate System)

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