Trump And Cruz’s Supporters Are Doing Hillary’s Work For Her

Ryan Girdusky Political Consultant
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An inconvenient fact for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters is that they both need each other if they want to see their candidate win the White House.

Despite the lies that have are dished out of right-wing outlets, there can be no victory without unity. Cruz supporters need to know that there aren’t millions of “constitutional conservatives” that sat on their hands for Romney and McCain but can propel the Texas Senator to victory. Those people just do not exist.

Likewise, Trump can build a coalition of white working-class Democrats and, as Van Jones has repeatedly said on CNN, make inroads among African-American men but without the conservative base, it will be for nothing.

Supporters for both camps are either in complete denial over the matter or assume that they can lose in 2016 and try again in four years, but that isn’t a guarantee.

There might not be an opportunity in the future if Hillary Clinton becomes president and enacts a Rubio-style comprehensive immigration reform. If the former first lady vastly increases legal immigration and gives eventual citizenship millions upon millions of criminal aliens, then the game is over. ‘Outsiders’ will never have an opportunity like this again, outsiders would have blown it, and we can enjoy a future Chuck Schumer leaning Republican Party vs. a Nancy Pelosi leaning Democratic Party for the foreseeable future.

It’s this election or bust, so outsiders better grow up and be prepared to put their egos and purity tests to rest.

No more tweets or Facebook posts “lyin’ Ted” or “sleazy Trump,” the only person benefitting from every comment they share on social media is Clinton.

Rather than encouraging a cage match between the billionaire and the Texas Senator, they should be supporting their respective candidates to be a better candidate. Trump’s comments about spilling the beans on Heidi Cruz were deplorable. Likewise Cruz’s statements connecting the massacre in Belgium to Trump’s idea of rethinking our alliance with NATO were disgusting.

Hillary Clinton is the most vulnerable Democrat to run for office in a decade, and yet she’s the most likely to win because of Republican on Republican violence.