78-Year-Old Grandma Can Deadlift 225 Pounds [VIDEO]

Joel Valley Contributor
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A grandmother from East Alton, Illinois, went viral after a video of her deadlifting 225 pounds hit the internet.

Shirley Webb, 78, picked a weight up for the first time when she was 76-years old, but she is now shattering records.

“At the time, I couldn’t walk up the stairs unless I held on to the handrail, and if I got on the floor, I couldn’t get up without a chair,” Webb told “Now I can come right up off the floor. The harder I work out, the better I feel.”

Webb competed in the Missouri State Powerlifting and Midwest Open’s 75-year-and older division in June 2015.

Although Webb won her division with a 215-pound deadlift, she claims she can now deadlift up to 245 pounds.

“My trainer realized that I was kind of strong, so he kept adding weights,” Webb said. “I’m glad that people are getting inspired by me doing this.”

Five months after competing in the Missouri State Powerlifting and Midwest Open, Webb set an Illinois state record for her age group with a 237-pound deadlift.

Webb, who works out twice a week with her trainer, plans to set one more record and a new personal best with a 260-pound deadlift at her next competition on June 4.


Joel Valley