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Charles Johnson Considers A Lawsuit Against Michelle Fields

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Charles Johnson, the litigious, outspoken, ginger editor of GotNews, is considering bringing a lawsuit against the media woman of the hour: Michelle Fields. As of late, Fields has been embroiled in a national story concerning whether GOP frontrunner Donald Trump‘s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski committed an act of “simple battery” at an event in Jupiter, Fla.


Fields pressed charges against the campaign aide after he claimed he never touched her and questioned her ethics.

The Ginge supports Ted Cruz‘s candidacy, detests the idea of Trump in the White House. But Johnson also thinks it might be time to sue Fields for once claiming that he hacked into her email when he was covering a sexual harassment story involving Fields and Allen West. (In March, 2015, Johnson reported that West had allegedly groped Fields when they worked together at Pajamas Media. He reported that West had allegedly harassed two women. No charges or complaints were ever filed. Fields never admitted anything on the record.)

“I’m mulling suing Michelle Fields because she made up that I hacked her,” the Ginge told The Mirror this week during a phone conversation. “I’m thinking of doing it. I haven’t totally made a decision yet. I’m thinking Trumpets would get into it.”

A lawsuit. Really? Now?

“Yeah, sure, why not?” replied Johnson, who has threatened to sue a whole host of journalists and Twitter, which kicked him off the social media medium for life last year.

The Ginge clearly doesn’t care for Fields and called her “a liar.”

He watched the video circulating of Trump, Lewandowksi and Fields at the Jupiter event. “I’ve watched it 16 or 17 times,” Johnson said, adding that he was unable to see any actual battery. “I’m a Cruz guy but it’s fucked up. Trying to get someone thrown in jail or bringing down a presidential campaign…I don’t like that Donald Trump is the frontrunner, but he’s the fucking frontrunner.”

Johnson went on a strange tangent. “Although I really did like ‘The Apprentice,'” he said. “I’ll be honest with you. I’m one of those people who was pissed that ‘The Apprentice’ was canceled. He should go back and do that.”

No doubt, Fields might agree with the Ginge’s desire for Trump to lose.

Sadly, she did not return a request for comment.