Donald Trump: Don’t Vote If You Don’t Plan On Voting For Me


Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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APPLETON, Wis. — Donald Trump blew off the idea of Wisconsin Republicans voting if those votes are not meant for him. Trump told a crowd of his Wisconsin supporters at a local Radisson Hotel ballroom he never believed politicians who encourage people to vote even if the vote is not for them.

“Nothing we have works right now. So I just say on April the 5th I want you to go out and I want you to vote. I gotta be honest, I hear politicians for years asking people to go vote and they always say, even if you’re not going to go vote for me, it’s the American way,” Trump said.

He mocked such politicians and imitated them saying, “‘You must go out and vote. It’s for our country.'” He added, “Let me tell ya’, if you’re not going to vote for me, don’t go out and vote.”

The New York developer later said, “I love those states I win. The ones I don’t win I don’t love as much, but I have to deal with it.”

A new poll shows Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] leading Trump by 10 points in the Badger State with the Cruz at 40 percent, Trump at 30 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 21 percent.

Republicans have seen record turn out at their primaries this election season. According to Pew Research since the first 12 primaries of 2016, “combined Republican turnout has been 17.3% of eligible voters – the highest of any year since at least 1980.”

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