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Michelle Fields Forced Into Hiding After Media Outlets Publish Her Address

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If you want to change my mind about #NeverTrump, children, you’re going about it in precisely the wrong way.

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze:

Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields said Wednesday she had temporarily moved out of her D.C.-area apartment over safety concerns after Fox News and BuzzFeed accidentally published her address online.

Both of the news outlets inadvertently posted the phone number and address of Fields when they published the arrest report of Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski…

Fields told TheBlaze that she had been inundated with threatening messages on her phone…

FNC and BuzzFeed have taken it down, and I don’t believe they did this intentionally. But how did they make such a huge mistake in the first place? Nobody in either organization said, “Whoa, hold on, we’d better blur out her address before we run with this.” Why not? How long does it take to redact an address?

And now she’s getting threats at home. This is what it’s come to. I’m really trying to understand the psychology of Trump supporters. It’s one thing to abandon your principles because you want a Republican in the White House. Any Republican will do, apparently. But this isn’t about politics. It’s about simple human decency.

If you look at what’s happening to Michelle Fields and sneer that she deserves it, you need to step back for a moment and take a good look at yourself. Even if you ignore all the evidence and bizarrely conclude that she’s somehow the aggressor, responding like this is completely reprehensible.

It’s not about “political correctness.” Smearing a woman’s professional reputation and driving her into hiding isn’t “politically incorrect.” It’s just plain incorrect. It’s wrong. It’s repugnant.

And the whole world is watching.

If you guys keep this up, you deserve what’s coming on November 8.

P.S. Female Media Members to Trump: Fire Lewandowski.