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“When did American journalists get so lily-livered?”

Piers Morgan, on the Corey Lewandowksi-Michelle Fields debacle.



The Media Observer

“Sick and tired of the news media cover-ups I’m learning about via news media!” — Seattle Times Jim Brunner.

Memo to CNN: You ruined this woman’s morning 

“Bummer. CNN just called & they cancelled on me & several other morning guests. It would have been fun. Oh well.” — Sarah Rumpf, formerly with Breitbart News. 

Sally Kohn, who goes bowling for abortion, loses her shit over Trump’s abortion policy 

“Trump, ever fine tuning his misogyny, says that women who have abortions need some kind of punishment?!?!? WHHHHHHHHTTTTTFFFF?!” — Sally Kohn, a CNN pundit, hosted something called a “bowl-a-thon” in 2015 to raise money for abortion.

As if Erick Erickson needed a new reason to hate Trump 

“‘I’ll be the greatest President for women ever,’ doesn’t really work when your campaign manager is arrested for battery.” — Erick Erickson.

The Daily Beast‘s executive editor says you should do this 

“Forgive someone today. It’ll make you feel so much better.” — Noah Schactman.

What’s Hulk up to after the Gawker trial?

“Great night being with my whole family Jennifer,Nick and Brooke nothing but joy and love! I’m a very lucky man and for that I AM Grateful HH.” — Hulk Hogan.

Journo Hate Mail 

Ben Dreyfuss works for Mother Jones. 

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Ben Shapiro recently resigned from Breitbart News when he believed that his outlet didn’t appropriately support Michelle Fields after Corey Lewandowksi touched her at a recent Donald Trump event in Jupiter, Fla. She has since pressed charges against him and he faces a court date for “simple battery.” Breitbart News editor John Nolte snapped back at Morgan, saying, “And yet unlike you, @benshapiro still appears regularly on my telly.”