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HSUS Dupes Donors In Favor Of Bankrolling Attacks On NRA And American Hunters

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By Karen Mehall Phillips, American Hunter

Do you have a minute—literally? If you’re a hunter, give yourself a heads-up and spend the next 60 seconds watching this video exposing the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for what it is: a vicious anti-hunting extremist organization bent on your destruction. Fortunately for us, is dedicated to exposing the fact that HSUS blows part of its $140-million annual budget demonizing the NRA and American hunters—despite that we hunters are the biggest supporters of conservation worldwide. The news that we’re in HSUS’ crosshairs comes straight from HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle himself, who says his group intends to stigmatize hunting—as the “next logical target.”

Like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the HSUS is a prime example of how a non-governmental organization can become so powerful that it stops being responsive to the people it supposedly serves. By exposing HSUS’ blatant unaccountability—and the fact the group’s budget approaches that of an NFL team’s payroll—the video provides a shocking reality check for HSUS donors and the general public.


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