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From The Prophet’s Tablet

(Wise — sometimes pretentious — words from the high minded.)

“Prospect theory and associated fallacies is one of the better predictive behavioral models. I return to it a lot.” — Commentary‘s Noah Rothman.


Scottie Nell Hughes shed tears over the SNL spoof portraying her as a ‘nutjob’ 

Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes, who appears often on CNN, had a lot of different reactions to the CNN portrayal of her this weekend. The way the comedy show perceived her wasn’t kind. They depicted her as a “total nutjob” not so dissimilar to ex-VP hopeful Sarah Palin. Appearing on CNN over the weekend, she said it was an “honor” to be spoofed but snapped, “What does ‘SNL’ want me to do? Be barefoot and pregnant?” She told TheBlaze she’s “insecure” and cried about it. She said it was hard when her daughter asked, “Why do they think you’re crazy?”

Actor Mark Ruffalo… chooses this presidential hopeful.

Huma Abedin… famed aide to Hillary Clinton, says she never reads anything about herself.

This total ass of a D.C. restaurant Human Resources exec… says patrons shouldn’t get “too caught up” in their own conversations nor should they try to make it easier for the server to clear the table. See this and some other dumb and obvious tips for being a better person when you dine out.

Breitbart News’s Milo Yiannopoulos, explained. By, of course, the explainers over at This is a fantastic explanation of who Milo, the phenomenon, is and what makes him tick. A quote you’ll see in the piece: “People are such pussies these days.” And this: “He hired a black porn star, Jovan Jordan, as a bodyguard when attending a meetup for video gamers. ‘My most ardent haters are feminists, and their fear of penises is well-known,’ Yiannopoulos wrote. ‘It was vital, therefore, that I sought the services of a man believed to have the biggest dick in the porn industry.’ But one thing is abundantly clear: the explainer is not a Milo fan. Which makes this profile all the more enticing.