McCain Charity Following Clinton Foundation Style Of Corruption

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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Bloomberg News reported last week that [crscore]John McCain[/crscore] may be following in the footsteps of Hillary and Bill Clinton, who are accused of laundering millions from foreign governments through their so-called “charity” to augment their lavish travel and life-style.

The McCain Institute for International Leadership, which is run by a close McCain ally and fundraiser, has accepted $1 million in donations from the Saudi government. While it would be illegal for the Saudi’s to donate to McCain’s campaign coffers, already brimming with special interest and lobbyist campaign contributions, the Saudi’s have funneled $1 million in funds to the veteran senator’s “charity.”

As someone who cares about human rights, I am deeply dismayed to learn that Mr. McCain’s charity has accepted money from Saudi Arabia. Their track record of oppressing women,gays, Christians, and political opponents is notoriously horrific. What are the Saudi’s buying?

I question if Mr. McCain’s links to the charity and high dollar donations would affect his voting in the United States Senate. McCain is not a co-sponsor of the bill to release the 29 pages of the 9-11 Commission report which still remain classified. Senator Bob Graham, former  Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee has said publicly that the material withheld evidence of deals for Saudi financing of the 9-11 attack. Congressman Thomas Massie who has also read the material has said it implicates those close to the Saudi Royal Family. Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has called for release of the Saudi-related material which was classified by President George W. Bush. McCain has not joined the call for disclosure.

John McCain has taken tens of millions of dollars from special interests and lobbyists in his senate and presidential campaigns. Now, we have to wonder if he will be able to remain objective on national security matters, as millions pour into his “charity” from oppressive foreign governments.

More startling, is the fact that Senator McCain has used this charity to honor and promote Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who attended posh fundraising event for the McCain slush fund. Why is McCain feting the very liberals whose policies are destroying our country’s economy and whose immigration policies are making us unsafe while costing us millions?

McCain is facing a stiff Republican primary challenge from conservative Dr. Kelli Ward. Recent polls show Ward gaining.