Fancypants College Students Whine About ‘White Feminist’ Commencement Speaker Madeleine Albright

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A group of students at Scripps College, the all-female branch of the Claremont Consortium, is upset because the school is planning to host Madeleine Albright as its 2016 commencement speaker.

Among the reasons for the students’ frustration is that Albright, the first woman to be the U.S. Secretary of State, has pasty, white skin, reports The College Fix.

“*Just out of curiosity* does anyone know how many POC we’ve had as guest commencement speakers at Scripps? 2…3?” one unidentified student asked on social media, according to the Fix.

(“POC” stands for people of color.)

Another student, also unidentified, suggested that some professors would decline to share the commencement stage with Albright.

“With Madeline [sic] Albright being our commencement speaker (and a war criminal and a white feminist) I know some of our professors are refusing to be on stage,” the student wrote, according to the Claremont Independent, a student newspaper. “I was wondering if any of the students were planning a protest or perhaps some sort of show of disagreement with Albright and what she stands for?”

In The Student Life, another Claremont Colleges newspaper, Scripps anthropology major Kinzie Mabon described Albright as a “white feminist and repeated genocide enabler” for — Mabon charges — removing United Nations peacekeepers from Rwanda and for endorsing international intervention in the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s which dissolved Yugoslavia, the former Soviet bloc nation.

On her Facebook page, Mabon likes Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Being Liberal and — twice — Neil Patrick Harris.

Not all Scripps students disagree with Albright’s appearance as this year’s commencement speaker.

“Having the opportunity to listen to Madeleine Albright speak during commencement is something graduating students, and Scripps students in general, should be appreciative of,” student Olivia Wu told the Independent.

The kerfuffle over Albright’s impending commencement speech is somewhat similar to an episode in 2014 when Scripps disinvited George Will from a campus speaking engagement. Will had been scheduled to speak as part of a program designed to allow students to hear conservative points-of-view. (RELATED: George Will Uninvited From Speaking At Scripps College)

The steep cost for a single year of tuition, fees and room and board at Scripps is $64,260.

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