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Do You Recognize The Voice Of This Coward Who’s Threatening To Kill Michelle Fields?

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Here’s a question that always stumps Trumpkins: If what Corey Lewandowski did to Michelle Fields was no big deal, why did he lie about it?

And now, here’s another: If what Corey Lewandowski did to Michelle Fields was no big deal, why is somebody threatening her life over it?

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze:

Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields contacted authorities Friday after an individual made multiple death threats against her.

In audio obtained by TheBlaze, an individual told Fields that she had 72 hours to drop charges against Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski or she would be killed…

A similar phone call was made to Fields’ brother by a man who appeared to be the same individual.

Here’s the audio:

All Fields wanted was an apology. If she’d gotten one, it would’ve been a one-day story. But apologizing for a mistake is something Trump and his henchmen couldn’t do, so instead they smeared her professional reputation. Now she’s getting death threats, and Trump supporters are driving themselves even more crazy than they were to begin with, trying to reconcile the cognitive dissonance.

There must be some way this is still all her fault, right? She brought this on herself by covering a campaign event her bosses at Breitbart sent her to cover. She brought this on herself by asking a presidential candidate a question. While holding a pen (or possibly a knife or a bomb, you don’t know).

Michelle Fields has been driven from her home, her colleagues have turned their backs on her, and now she’s getting death threats. All because she told the truth and refused to back down.

If you justify any of this in any way, you make me sick. I will never join your cult. Go to hell.

Update: Never mind! I forgot.