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Quote of the Day:

“When you spend all day researching a piece you want to write in Sept, then realize it’s 9pm & you haven’t written the piece due tomorrow.”

WaPo race reporter Wesley Lowery in an apparent state of crisis.



WaPo reporter writes the first line of his mastery novel 

“‘He was the kind of guy that drank Angry Orchard hard cider.’ – how my mystery novel will begin” — WaPo‘s Philip Bump.

SO profound…

“Political surrogates seem like more trouble than they are worth.” — The New Republic‘s Jeet Heer.

BuzzFeed blues on Trump’s campaign trail

“Doesn’t look like the Trump media charm offensive lasted 24 hours.” — BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith on this experience by reporter Rosie Gray: “Have attended Trump rallies several times w/ general admission tix. Tonight marks 1st time I’ve been impeded from reporting at one of these. Trump staffer spotted me interviewing a voter and interrupted, telling me if I’m here as general public I had to go sit down.” But was Rosie credentialed? Um…no. “I’ve asked for them in the past and been denied. Did not ask for them this time – figured I would be denied again.”

Journo Hate Mail/Travel Bitches 

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.23.45 AM

Fonzie apparently jumps into the presidential election 

“Oh, look, #NeverTrumpGothFonzie is smearing my dad as a racist. Need I say more about these supremacists?” — Breitbart News editor John Nolte.

A note from The Mirror: Is Nolte still working for Breitbart News? Hard to say. There is no official word and the site is still listed in his bio. But this morning he wrote this: “Chilly today. Looks like I’ll be doing some plumbing and watching some TV.”

Journo Weather Report

“34 damn degrees in DC right now and feels like 21. #%**!” — TV One’s Roland Martin.

BuzzFeed reporter does not want fucked up eyebrows 

“I’m voting for whoever can guarantee me ‘i fucked up my eyebrows and i need to wait for them to grow back in’ leave.” — BuzzFeed‘s NON-TWERKING Tracy Clayton.

Montel Williams admits he can’t read God’s mind 

“Who are u to say God didn’t intend for there to be Trans people? I believe in not presuming I know His plan.” — washed up talk show host and Twitter addict Montel Williams.

Anti-Trump reporter claims campaign manager grabbed female reporter 

“She claimed Corey Lewandowski grabbed her. He did… as shown on tape.” — BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins, who apparently watched the tape of YOU KNOW WHO with 3D glasses while on acid.

Politico‘s Mike Allen gets stabbed in heart with public birthday correction 

“@mikeallen Gen. Colin Powell is 79 today, not 69. But he still looks 59! ;)” — Emily Miller, author of Emily Gets Her Gun and formerly a reporter for WTTG, a D.C.-based Fox affiliate.

Journo Love

“Shout-out to NBC’s @ChrisJansing for standing in Trump’s way to continue questioning him even after he insulted her.” — Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry.