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MSNBC Makes Up Breaking News To Ban Roger Stone From Network

Credit: Larry King (YouTube)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Daily Caller Men’s Fashion Editor Roger Stone is suddenly persona non grata at MSNBC.

As reported by the obvious biased and liberal online Fox News hating rag Media Matters, Stone, a Trump surrogate, was removed from Monday’s edition of Bloomberg‘s “With All Due Respect” which runs on MSNBC an hour later.


During “With All Due Respect,” Stone respectfully appeared on the 5 p.m. program. But an hour and a half later, at 6:30 p.m., MSNBC anchor Steve Kornacki broke in with an absolutely riveting John Kasich speech from Huntington, N.Y. The powers that be even nixed Bloomberg‘s John Heilemann introducing Stone’s appearance.

Stone hasn’t had a lot of luck with the cable news networks as of late.

CNN recently banned him from the network after he compared contributing analyst Ana Navarro‘s intelligence to “dog shit.” Specifically, he tweeted, “She’s dumber than dog shit.” He also called her “borderline retarded.” But he didn’t stop there. He worked in “pompous shithead” and “abusive diva” and insulted an entire breed of dogs by calling her a “rabid Pekinese.”

As far as his more racially-focused remarks, Stone previously called former CNN Contributor Roland Martin a “stupid negro” and a “fat negro.”

The Mirror sought comment from an MSNBC spokeswoman. An unnamed spokesperson confirmed to Media Matters that the network has banned Stone from appearing on any shows.

Stone couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Martin thought MSNBC played it just right. “I appreciate MSNBC making that move because they saved the folks who watch that show from having to take a shower after immediately watching Roger Stone,” he told The Mirror.

If MSNBC wants to make a practice of altering video, they may want to remove ex-host Ed Schultz from President Obama‘s first press conference. MSNBC President Phil Griffin claimed he was so impressed by Schultz because he sat in the front row and got to ask a question. (Actually, Schultz never asked a question, but that’s what Griffin bizarrely said he saw in a 2014 court deposition.)

On the flip side, MSNBC could use computer animation to show Ed asking Obama a question at that presser so that his deposition would make any sense whatsoever.